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Adoption Application:
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The adoption process may vary depending on the bird's personality and needs. However, these are the basic steps of our adoption process:
  • Birds that enter our care will not begin adoption processes for a minimum of 30-60+ days.  This gives us time to get to know the bird.  It also gives us time to become familiar with any health concerns or behavioral issues.  There is not a specific timeframe for which we will begin adoption for a bird.  This will vary based on the bird and their needs.  
  • We will begin taking applications for the bird any time after their arrival to the rescue; however, applications will not be reviewed until the bird has finished their 30-60 day observation period at the rescue.  Birds will be seen by our veterinarian prior to the adoption being complete.  
  • Applications are reviewed and meet-and-greets are scheduled with potential adopters. We will not schedule appointments for everyone that submits an application.  We will contact the best candidates for the bird(s). Please note, we will often schedule multiple potential adopters to visit to ensure we find the best home for the bird.  Being scheduled for a visit does not guarantee adoption.  
  • We will not allow a bird to go home during the first visit.  Potential adopters must be aware they will be required to visit our location a minimum of 2+ times. There are no exceptions to this rule.  Please be prepared to travel to Lebanon Junction, KY at least 2+ times. We require a minimum of 1 week between the meet-and-greet and additional visits.  These additional visits are scheduled if we believe it is in the best interest of the bird to continue with the adoption process.  Some birds may require more than 2 visits.  This will be will be discussed.  
  • If adoption is approved, you will need to provide verification that you have a proper sized cage for the breed you are adopting.  This will be required before the bird is released.  We sometimes have extra cages that can be purchased.  If you need one, we are happy to see if we have a proper cage available.  
  • After visitations are complete and cage is confirmed, we will schedule a time to take your new feathered family member home.  The adoption fee is due at the time the bird is picked up.  We do not accept checks for adoption fees unless the check is submitted and cleared the bank prior to the adoption day.  

Fees will vary based on the care and maintenance of the bird during their stay with Feathers Galore.  Fees are non-negotiable. The fee does not include a cage unless noted.

Estimated Adoption Fees (subject to change):
  • X-Small (parakeets, finches, etc.) - $10-50+
  • Small (cockatiels, conures, lovebirds, etc.) - $100-250+
  • Medium (ringneck, lorikeet, etc.) - $250-350+
  • Large (small cockatoos, african greys, amazon) - $400-550+
  • X-Large (large cockatoos, macaws, etc.) - $600-$700+

Submitting an application does not guarantee adoption of the requested bird(s).  Several applications are received for each bird and the best home is chosen from those applications based on the bird’s needs and personality.  Due to the high volume of applications received, we will not contact you unless your application is selected.  If the application is not selected, the application will remain on file and you may contact us to consider your application again if you find another bird of interest.  If the application is selected, we will contact you using the contact information provided on the application.    

(4 different sets)

We have a total of 16 parakeets that will be adopted in 4 separate groups.  Multiple groups can be adopted, but current groups will not be separated.  

Set #1: A total of 4 parakeets from 2 different homes entered the rescue during the week of 1/10/2021. Both homes indicated the inability to continue to care for the birds long-term due to family/home situations.  They are currently being housed together and appear to get along very well.  Adoption would include all 5 parakeets and their current cage. 
**Adoption Fee: $30 (includes 4 parakeets + cage)

Set #2: Set of 2 parakeets. Royal & Gemini.  6 years old.  Brother and Sister.  They are bonded and must remain together.  Royal has a plucking issue, but otherwise appears to be in excellent health. 
**Adoption Fee: $20 (includes 2 parakeets + cage)

Set #3: Set of 8 parakeets.  Sterling, Sunglow, Ollie, Turk, Herald, Blackbeard, Lavvy, Star.  Sterling, Sunglow, Royal, & Gemini are brothers/sisters .  6 years old.  Ollie, Herald, Turk, Lavvy, Star, and Blackbeard are not related to any of the other birds.  Purchased from a pet store. 4 years old. 
**Adoption Fee: $40 (includes 8 parakeets + cage) 

Set #4: Set of 2 parakeets.  Both very young, less than 1 year old.  They belonged to a child that could not maintain the upkeep on them.  One is partially tame, but the other is not.  With a lot of time and attention, it would be possible to tame both.  
**Adoption Fee: $20 (includes 2 parakeets + cage)
(Umbrella Cockatoo)

We do not have a lot of history on Ellie.  Ellie and was surrendered to us on September 30, 2020. 

Ellie can be a very scared and nervous bird.  We were told that she is aggressive.  Without much knowledge of the bird's history, it is unknown what may cause this fear/nervousness.  When something new is presented, Ellie sometimes panics and starts screaming but this behavior is becoming less frequent.  Building trust with her may be a slow process, but she will thrive in a home that makes her feel loved and protected. 

UPDATE:  Ellie does allow some petting, but struggles with being held.  She has shown interest in being held and has allowed it a few times, but overall is very hesitant.  She loves to dance and loves when you talk to her.  She will come to the side of the cage and listen to every word you say.  I tell her every day that she is beautiful and loved and you can tell by her expression that she loves the attention.   She loves to reach out with her foot and wants you to "hold hands" with her.  She would be great in a home that has a lot of patience and understands that you may get bit a few times as you and the bird learn to trust each other.   

Adoption fee: $600

(Moluccan Cockatoo)

Goober was surrendered to us on February 7th, 2021.  He came from a very loving home that due to personal reasons decided to surrender.  Goober was around both kids and adults in his previous home.  Overall his demeaner is very sweet, playful, and loving.  He loves to shred newspaper and often loves playing with toys on the bottom of his cage.  Goober loves to make silly noises and wants to be the center of attention.  He would fit in well in a home where he was likely the only bird or a home with very few birds, so he could have constant attention.

NOTE: Moluccan cockatoos are VERY loud (please research the volume of these guys before submitting an application).  By many accounts, they can often be heard by neighbors several houses away, even with all doors/windows closed.  Moluccan cockatoos are one of the loudest parrot species you can own. Their decibel rating is 135, which is close to that of a 747 jet! This alone is the most common reason for surrender of these birds.  Many owners thought they could handle the noise level, only to discover it is very difficult to live with. 

Potential adopters will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and research on this breed.  These are one of the most difficult birds to own and should not be entered into lightly.   

Adoption fee: $750  
(Umbrella Cockatoo)

Lola was surrendered to us on March 27, 2021.  She was surrendered because the owner lived in an apartment and was unable to keep her due to her volume.  She seems very sweet and friendly so far.  She has been pretty quiet initially, but we are starting to hear her vocalize more often as she gets comfortable.  She can be a little grumpy when she is hungry, so we are careful when feeding her.  Otherwise she seems to love attention and enjoys when she is the center of your attention.  We are still getting to know her and will update this as we learn more about her personality. 

Adoption Fee: $600

**Please note: We will not review applications until a minimum of 30 days from her surrender date of March 27th, 2021.  She is not officially ready for adoption, but we will begin accepting applications to be reviewed when she is ready.  
(Blue & Gold Macaw)

Moofy entered the rescue on April 1, 2021.  Moofy was purchased as a baby from her previous owner's family.  The original owner passed away in 2010.  The bird remained with the spouse until his death in 2013.  At that time, the bird went to live with the owner's child and remained there until 2021.  Due to the owner's health concerns, the bird was surrendered to us. Moofy has been a part of that family since he was a baby. 

From what we know about the bird, Moofy has not been handled or out of the cage much since the original owner passed away in 2010.  The original owner was able to handle and interact with the bird, but no one since then has been able to do so.  He seems very scared of people and is very hesitant about any direct interaction at this time.  Moofy is still very new to the rescue, so it will take some time to get to know him and work with him to hopefully be able to be handled.  We will update with his progress at a later date.

Adoption Fee: $650

**Please note: We will not review applications until a minimum of 30 days from his surrender date of April 1st, 2021.  He is not officially ready for adoption, but we will begin accepting applications to be reviewed when he is ready.   
(Green Cheek Conure)

Presley was surrender to us on April 4th, 2021.  She was previously rescued from a bad situation.  The current owners tried working with her, but due to her behavioral difficulties, it was decided to surrender her.  She can be very difficult to handle, is scared of people, and in general does not appear to be a tame bird.    We will work with her and do our best to improve these behaviors.  We will update this with her progress at a later date.

Adoption Fee: $150

**Please note: We will not review applications until a minimum of 30 days from her surrender date of April 4, 2021.  She is not officially ready for adoption, but we will begin accepting applications to be reviewed when she is ready.